It is my dream

Our heart is like a tree,

A tree of emotions and feelings,

Embossed with passions, desires,

On which grows our ambitions

And wishes of our life

Not only this,

It’s a cage which imprisons some love,

Some feelings and affection for the people we love,

But the heart is insane,

For it never knows,

Relations, bonds and belongings,

All are deceptions,

Love is a delusion,

Friendship is illusion

Promises are made to be broken,

The heart is insane,

For it always expect,

And expectations hurt

We never get all that we incline to,

Some long for the sky,

While others wish for ground

And some wishes are left unfulfilled.

But there is a love

A love above all….

A love which in grief

Fills the heart with felicity

A love which seeks devotion

To lead us to eternity

And promises heaven,

The heaven of our dreams

That love is Your love.

And In this world,

 of reckless creatures

 It is my dream,

To reach there and see You,

And meet You that day,

To thank you for the blessings,

And being there for me,

“For You are my worship

And Your help I seek….”


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