Cost of Life

Life is so unpredictable. It can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes smiles are changed into tears and sometimes we see smiles blooming after tears. Everyday I witness people fighting for their lives. Life which is wonderful for many of us can be tough and difficult for others. After coming to this place, I saw life from a totally different perspective. For some people life is very cruel. I see little children fighting cancer. The poor fellows who were born with a cancer that deprived them of their precious childhood and threw them into misery. While many of us are unhappy for not having valuable clothes, big car, huge house there are people who are wishing for a few more years to live. While we want a new football someone out there wish to get back his legs. It’s true that there are things money can’t buy. If you have a family, a healthy body, you can run and play, that’s enough to be thankful for.

I remember the years spent (as a student) at that cancer hospital, where everyday I saw people losing the battle of their life. I would like to share a few painful memories with you. I remember that little boy from Sawat. He was only thirteen with his one leg amputated. He told me that he has been fighting cancer since the age of six year. Can you imagine the pain of that little boy who got his leg fractured while playing cricket? No, it was not due to the game but something even more serious going on inside his body. Upon going to the hospital, his parents were informed that he had a cancer in his leg which has destroyed the bone resulting in a fracture. The poor family was highly worried for their son because cancer in such pathetic financial circumstances only meant ‘the end’. They took their son to this hospital in the nearby city. After the diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma they applied for financial assistance. The boy got treated at the hospital for years, free of cost. He underwent many sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, losing all his hair. He became weaker and weaker, and then one of his scan revealed that cancer has spread to his brain and could not be cured. He went back home and never came back. I always think what would have happened to him? Would he be waiting for death or he would have died.

Another very saddening moment was when a girl came for an x-ray. That x-ray was to be performed to rule out cancer. When I saw her, she was crying. I tried to comfort her and she started crying harder. She told me that she had given exams for pre-medical and wanted to become a doctor. And then she said something which stabbed my heart. She said ‘I don’t want to die’. These words made me feel her pain so deeply that I prayed for her. I wish she would be completely fine pursuing her dreams.

Another incident was experienced by a friend of mine. She went to a patient for scan and came earlier than expected. I asked her what happened and she was so sad. What she told me was completely horrifying. She said:” When I approached the patient’s room, there were many people at the door. I looked inside and saw that the floor was filled with blood and the patient was lying in the blood. A nurse told me that he went to the washroom and when he returned he suddenly fell down and got his leg fractured. They tried their best to save him but it was too late, as he died on the spot”. This made me so depressed. I realized how life changes within seconds and we don’t know whether we will see the next moment or not.

Those three years of my life at that hospital are filled with such heart wrenching experiences. Many times I met people who recovered fully and were living a happy life. But the stories of people who I witnessed fighting this disease were more hard to forget. I lost my own aunt due to this disease. She was a lady full of life, gentle social and polite. She was my favorite aunt with whom I have spent a memorable childhood. She fought cancer for 10 years. I never knew that my three years in that hospital would be her last years. I used to accompany her during her long chemo sessions. She used to say that my presence made her forget her pain and therefore I always tried to be with her. She recovered twice and I always wish that this time she will defeat cancer. She fought this battle like a brave soldier till the day when she was told that cancer has spread all over her body and could not be treated anymore. That day I saw her crying. She lost all of her will power. Within a few days she left us all crying. It seems like a bad dream but it’s real. And this is the Truth of this life.

So what’s the cost of life? Nothing. It’s precious and valuable. It’s melting like ice and before it melts we have to live it with thankfulness to Almighty. We should thank Him for all these blessings, before these are taken away. We as a nation should encourage the establishment of cancer hospitals. We should play our role at all fronts to fight this disease and to support those fighting this battle. Because,

Once gone, any thing can come back

Except life.


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